Meet The Founder
Dr. Amit Kumar, DDS

Dr. Amit Kumar, DDS Founder & CEO of Sleep Institute

For nearly two decades, my career was centered on helping patients through the practice of general, cosmetic and implant dentistry.

However, I had a personal reason to found the Sleep Institute.

Since my college days at Boston University, I was told that I snore by my roommates. However, I always thought they were over-exaggerating. During that time, I was overly sleepy, and I wrongfully attributed that to my custom of spending many hours a week in the gym working out intensely.

My introduction into dental sleep medicine and oral appliance therapy for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea came many years after I completed dental school. I was finally diagnosed as having mild sleep apnea, something I had never considered. Using an oral appliance made a huge difference in my life, ranging from the elimination of snoring at night to feeling more alert and energetic during the day.

Since then, I have focused on sleep disorders like sleep apnea and snoring in a number of ways. I have assisted medical billing companies, helping them develop protocols used by dentists today. I have worked with these companies so patients can access their medical insurance for treatment. And, I have consulted with Myerson™, LLC, testing their EMA First Step™ solution which allows patients to try oral appliance therapy for 90 days before committing to full treatment.

When I first started treating snoring and sleep apnea patients in my general dental practice, I maintained close working relationships with local sleep physicians. They would refer patients to me who were CPAP intolerant. After treating these patients for a few years, I decided to focus my attention on this area, because it was the most gratifying and life-enhancing aspect of my practice. I founded Sleep Institute to increase awareness about sleep apnea and to provide alternative treatment options such as oral appliance therapy to our valued patients.

Dr. Kumar received a DDS from University of Illinois, Chicago. He is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the American Sleep and Breathing Academy.

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